2 Preparedness Workforce Development and Preparation

Preparedness is for veterans and their families as they consider what they need to do to make a transition from the military to civilian status. It includes resources for employment, education, training, accommodations and workplace supports, and more. It also demonstrated to business and industry, government, NGOs, VSOs, educational institutions, and others existing programs, coalitions, resources, and approaches which may be adopted to engage and serve veterans and their families.

  • Vocational Skills Training

    Vocational skills training focuses on training or certifying veterans and soon-to-separate military members in specific skills necessary for employment.

  • Workforce Preparedness

    Workforce preparedness focuses on military to civilian transition

  • Accommodations & Support

    Accommodating the needs of veterans, or any person with a disability, is critical.

  • Higher Education

    Higher education is a path to employment for many veterans and their families.