1 Leadership Executive Engagement

“Great managers are an organization’s glue. They create and hold together the scores of folks who power high-performing companies.” - Tom Peters. Senior leaders identify and drive strategies that complement organizational values and goals. What they say and do internally and externally impact the organization as well as in the communities they serve. In order for veteran’s initiatives to be sustainable and one of the organization’s priorities, it is imperative they: 1. Send supportive internal and external messages 2. Participate in and encourage collaboration 3. Endorse philanthropic efforts 4. Set the stage for a corporate culture that embraces veterans and their families.

  • Leadership Messaging

    Senior leadership's internal and external messaging must communicate the business case, integrating veteran initiatives with organizational success.

  • Collaboration

    High performing organizations look for opportunities to collaborate. They leverage resources and share best practices on a local and national scale.

  • Philanthropy

    Senior leadership’s priorities impact the workplace and set the stage for community outreach.

  • Corporate Culture

    How leaders respond to and talk about the business and its initiatives strongly influence corporate culture.