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Leadership Messaging

Senior leaders' internal and external messaging must communicate the business case, integrating veteran initiatives with organizational success. They must demonstrate how the organization leverages veterans’ talents and skills, and provide the business infrastructure to drive sustainability.

Our military veterans have conferred a great gift to all Americans through their service.  Our nation’s employers have, in essence, been handed a workforce of men and women who are highly trained and, in some cases, uniquely skilled.  Yet employment for recent returning veterans compares unfavorably to non-veterans.  This situation presents a significant challenge to re-integrate our nation’s veterans into the civilian workforce.

Many leaders across the country have recognized this challenge and are now addressing it in their internal and external communications.  Effective senior leader communications share the business case for hiring and retaining veterans, leverage the value of veteran talent, and demonstrate how infrastructure must support the integration of veterans.   These focused communications will help the workforce and community understand and embrace the role of veterans in the workplace.

Internal Messaging

Internal Messaging: In order to effectively integrate veterans throughout the organization, leaders’ messages must convey how hiring and retaining veterans support the organization’s values and messages. These messages must be delivered in a manner that resonates with all levels of the organization.

External Messaging