3 HR Processes Human Resources Practices

Organizations must align internal human resources processes to support recruiting, hiring, and retaining veterans who are in pursuit of meaningful and gainful employment. Best practices supporting these efforts are multifaceted. They require a coordinated and sustained effort linking Veteran skills with organizational goals by of business leaders, human resource professionals, and the workforce.

  • Recruiting

    World-class companies understand the value that veterans bring to an organization.

  • Hiring

    Interviews are the mechanism for comparing multiple candidates and help predict whether a candidate has the skills, experience and behaviors necessary to perform the key job requirements.

  • Onboarding

    Onboarding is a crucial element in both individual and organizational development.

  • Assimilation / Socialization

    Meeting the right people at the right time during an employee’s development is a huge factor in attracting and retaining a high performing workforce.

  • Retention & Advancement

    Many leaders do not realize the cost of selecting the wrong type of people.

  • Accommodations & Support

    Different resources and supports are available to help employers provide their workforce with the specific accommodations employees need.

  • Understanding & Overcoming the Stigma of PTSD

    Information about PTSD is often misinterpreted or misleading

  • Policy, Law & Regulation

    Since 9/11 veterans have experienced disproportionally higher unemployment rates compared to non-veterans.

  • Leading Practices

    Organizations across the United States have realized the value Veterans bring to the workforce and the communities in which they live.

  • Specialty Topics, Tools & Programs

    New topics, tools, and programs continue to be developed throughout the nation.