3 HR Processes Human Resources Practices New Leader Assimilation

New Leader Assimilation

For those veterans joining an organization as a manager, it is important to keep in mind that their new team often views transition to new leadership as a significant emotional event in their work life, given common elements of the pre-existing organization dynamic are likely to change.  Once the new leader is on board, the race is on to learn about him/her – to test expectations, values, hot buttons and any other useful information that helps people acclimate to the new leadership style.  In turn, new managers want to create a platform for working together, and lead their new team into action.

New leader assimilation is a quick, non-threatening way to get answers to important questions and to openly address concerns the team may have.  It‘s an interactive, facilitated process that accelerates learning, enhances early bonding and re-energizes the team.  It provides a venue for validating information, correcting things thought to be true, and expanding on accurate information that needs elaboration.  In effect, following the assimilation process becomes the first teambuilding experience with the new leader where team members simultaneously hear his/her responses.  (see New Leader Assimilation Process)