3 HR Processes Human Resources Practices Evaluating the Candidate

Evaluating Candidates

It is helpful to finalize the ranking process after all candidates have been interviewed, thus providing the opportunity to compare all candidates against each other.  Immediately following each interview, review your notes for each question, capture findings, evaluate the candidate’s responses and draw conclusions.  Use of a standard evaluation template will help analyze and compare candidate strengths/weaknesses related to the core competencies of the open position. A sample Candidate Assessment Summary template is provided in the below.

While the final selection is ultimately the choice of the hiring manager, it is beneficial to coordinate a meeting with the interview team following the candidate interviews.  This provides a venue for sharing findings so the hiring manager can gain further insights into each of the interviewed candidates.  At minimum, it’s beneficial for the hiring manager to collect candidate assessments from the interview team so he/she can analyze the results and develop a comprehensive ranking.  Doing so ensures the hiring manager is aware of all information and is better prepared to select a finalist.